Yoga Retreat designed for Women

Daily Yoga for mind and body balance overlooking the emerald green paddy fields.
Wherever you’re starting from, the benefits of joining a Soul Vida yoga retreat will give you both instant satisfaction and lasting transformation.

Yoga brings about profound change in your physical and mental capacity while preparing the body for long-term health. Yoga is all about a healthy lifestyle. Peace and tranquility can be yours through regular yoga practice and meditation.

Join our daily outdoor yoga practice in the early morning and evening or a meditation session before you sleep.

Spiritual Healing Part of unwinding and finding your inner peace is discovering your personal mechanism to set yourself free from stress and ill health. As well as the group guided meditation sessions, we offer a personalised wellness treatment, where you may choose to have a one to one session with our Healer who will guide you in finding your own personal transformation and development.
Our morning yoga sessions are dynamic in style, either Vinyasa or Hatha Flow, designed to wake up the energy. Evening classes include Astanga, Yin and Pranayama breathing sessions and include mediation.

Each Class has a flow and focus, beginning with a mediative reflection to settle on the moment, to open up the chakras, finding concentration, mindfulness and inspiration to evolve.