Yoga, Fitness, Spa Retreat

All levels of fitness get to work out, sweat, challenge the mind and body connection. As part of our holistic yoga retreat, we have fitness classes and one to one sessions designed to get you to focus on your fitness goals. These are lively fun filled sessions where you'll burn serious calories and tone and lengthen muscles.

Enjoy a rigorous and revitalising fitness regime designed for women. Strengthen your core, increase stamina and flexibility with natural resistance. The classes are dynamic low impact combining elements of yoga, pilates and resistance training. A fitness program to challenge yourself and develop physical strength.
These classes are great for any level of fitness from novice to the super fit. Our fitness trainers will start you off with a one to one assessment and guide you through your week of training. You’ll go home feel amazing with a new program and goals to maintain and develop fitness.

Yoga Fit is a poplar choice for all levels of fitness. Get in touch and check out our available dates.

You’ll burn loads of calories while totally reshaping arms, legs and abdominals….
get ready to sweat